Tudo que você sempre quis saber…

… sobre tudo que você sempre quis saber.

rhwinter, 21 de June de 2007
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Where? When? How? Now. Brown cow. Look sharp. Eat cheddar. Find peace. Nimble and nibble. Taste often. Think tension. Look for less. Not now. But someday. Soon one day. Again another day. A perfect day. A date too perfect. The hot summer sun. Or spring if you are early. Too hot if its not. Shop local. Drink it down. Remember the taste. The detail of them. Each taster. Tasty. Tastier. You can share too. The water is cold. Too cold for pleasure. Not really. Just saying for effect. Cold cold. Not too cold. I thought it was fine. She thought otherwise. Once again. Think meta. Think circular. Think short. Not saw. As in circular. As in a cut. Too deep. Really deep. Hit submit. Go on now. How? When? Where? Here, there and everywhere.

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